The scope of our services is based on three core deliverables: Strategic Services, Business Services and Structural Services

We help our clients to face business challenges in unfamiliar foreign territories. Every business is different, thus we tailor our services depending on the needs of our client, the specific market and the nature of the organization.


Local Guidance

  • We provide a complete range of local and global investment consulting services, customized to the client specific business needs.
  • We help you find investment assets in real estate and guide your investment diversification or business internationalization with trusted opportunities.

Local Partnership Search

  • Thanks to our knowledge of the Spanish, Qatari and Middle East markets, we find suitable and reliable local partners, such as suppliers, agents and distributors.
  • We establish initial contact and carry out a full background check to assess their suitability as a partner for the business in question.


  • Analyze the company’s future needs to improve it’s capital structure.
  • Study the type of debt that best suites and benefits the client.
  • Development of a tailored debt payment plan, according to the company forecasts.


Business Development

  • Create long-term business plan based on reliable but ambitious estimations with different scenarios.
  • We identify the right opportunities and build the financial structure to study the business viability, thus avoiding the risk associated with operating in a foreign country.


  • We will share with you the knowledge and data, so that you can know in advance the consequences of your decisions and strategies.
  • Suggest actions and improvements in both business and economic aspects.
  • Set out key insights and goals, through planned growth as well as analyzing the red flags for CEOs and investors.


  • Keep a constant maintenance of up-to-date forecasting in KPIs, financials and cash-flows, to ensure the achievements of the estimated objectives.
  • Ensure treasury control to cover the following month’s expenditure.
  • Forecast performance based on historical information and future projections.

HR Consultancy & Secondment

  • We provide local talent at mid and high level.

PR & Communication

  • We work with our national, local and trade media contacts to generate brand identity and recognition, enabling new market entrants to boost profile and attract new customers.
  • We conduct a full background check to asses suitability as a partner for the company and negotiate a good partnership agreement.

Project Management

  • Enable the planning and execution of an effective strategy that both makes and save money.
  • Conduct process to establish subsidiaries abroad and company restructuring.


  • Establish a dashboard to monitor and visualize KPI performance.
  • Build “What if” scenarios to study the behavior of the economic variable before making any business decision.


  • Analyze budgets to optimize cash management minimizing money waste.
  • Study and analyze data behavior to avoid falling into unwanted situations.
  • Study data fluctuation of money within the company.


Company Set Up

  • We take care of the whole process and the establishment of the company on our clients behalf.
  • We are present on the ground to help our clients plan, initiate, control and ensure it’s success. 

Business Administration

  • We support the admin side of a business by helping to put reliable people and systems in place to manage the company effectively.
  • We take care of the necessary bureaucracy, to ensure that our clients avoid the hassle of red tape.
  • Outsourcing of company payroll, visas, licensing and government services.