10 examples of successful startups in Qatar 2023

In recent years, Qatar has seen a significant increase in the number of startups that have achieved remarkable success. These startups are revolutionizing various sectors and generating a positive impact on the country’s economy. In this article, we present to you 10 examples of successful startups in Qatar in 2023, which are leading innovation and transforming their respective industries.


Snoonu, the rapidly advancing technology firm in Qatar, is dedicated to addressing the nation’s intricate logistics and lifestyle challenges. Serving as an all-encompassing application, it seamlessly integrates online shopping, lifestyle services, and the delivery of food and groceries.

Additionally, Snoonu extends its support to dark stores and third-party logistics services, catering to the needs of startups and SMEs in Qatar. As the first Qatari application offering comprehensive solutions for daily requirements, Snoonu empowers users to purchase or dispatch any product to any location within Qatar. Through a user-friendly interface, Snoonu streamlines life for its customers, allowing them to effortlessly tap and order with instant convenience.

Snoonu Qatar


BigTrader serves as an online B2B and trade finance platform that establishes connections between manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, and their diverse customer base, including retail, HoReCa, offices, institutions, and bulk buyers for home purposes.

The platform streamlines communication between users and vendors through an integrated in-app chat feature. This functionality allows users to engage with vendors, inquire about products, negotiate terms, and discuss details directly within the app. Offering a range of tools and features, BigTrader facilitates effective negotiations between users and vendors. This encompasses the ability to submit counteroffers, engage in price and term negotiations, and ultimately arrive at mutually beneficial agreements, all within the platform.

BigTrader Qatar


cWallet stands out as a triumph in the fintech domain, specializing in the delivery of payment, payroll, and remittance services. As a recognized fintech startup, C Wallet Services WLL possesses a license from the Qatar Central Bank, endorsing seamless online and offline transactions and providing the capability to send money globally. This forward-thinking startup guarantees prompt salary distributions for users while facilitating access to diverse e-commerce platforms, including its exclusive marketplace.

Notably, cWallet empowers individuals to conduct online transactions and payments, even in the absence of a conventional bank account. Going beyond the provision of doorstep delivery for essential items like medicine and groceries, cWallet extends its services by enabling money transfers to homes, offering this convenience at any time and from any location.

Cwallet Qatar


SkipCash emerges as the forefront innovator in Qatar’s startup landscape. This mobile payment application redefines the payments experience for both consumers and merchants, ensuring a seamless and delightful journey. By leveraging a proprietary QR code, SkipCash empowers consumers to make digital payments, eliminating the reliance on physical cash, cards, and Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices.

The app goes beyond conventional transactions, allowing users to securely link their cards, monitor spending through visual reports, organize payment receipts, establish virtual accounts for children and family members, and access exclusive vouchers and coupons from merchants. SkipCash sets a new standard for convenient and secure digital payments, enhancing the overall financial experience for its users and partners.


As the leading doctor booking platform in Qatar, Meddy boasts a substantial user base exceeding 200,000 individuals per month. This platform serves as an invaluable resource for patients, aiding them in identifying doctors aligned with their specific needs through an extensive array of filters and user reviews, ultimately facilitating seamless appointment bookings. Meddy collaborates with major healthcare providers within the country, solidifying its pivotal role in the healthcare landscape.

Meddy extends its impact beyond individual patients to assist clinics in elevating their online presence and attracting new patients. Offering a comprehensive suite of products, Meddy empowers clinics and their marketing teams to efficiently manage bookings, patient reviews, and analytics. The company’s track record includes facilitating over a hundred thousand bookings, resulting in a significant boost in profitability for healthcare providers in Qatar. This success is attributed to Meddy’s ability to attract new patients and enhance the overall patient experience.

As a noteworthy accolade, Meddy holds the status of being a 500 Startups portfolio company. Its recognition further extends to being ranked tenth in Forbes Middle East’s 2017 «50 Startups to Watch in the Arab World.«

Droobi Health 

Droobi Health stands out as a premier tech company in Qatar, renowned for its innovative approach to healthcare. Their digital therapeutic product leverages a fusion of established behavioral science techniques, data analytics, and AI, offering personalized support to individuals in cultivating healthier habits and mitigating the risk of chronic diseases.

Pioneering the field, Droobi Health has developed one of the world’s first bilingual digital health therapeutics solutions, accessible in both English and Arabic. This groundbreaking platform aims to assist individuals in preventing or managing chronic conditions that necessitate lifestyle support, with a particular focus on ailments like diabetes and obesity.


Avey, an emerging and promising startup in Qatar, introduces a mobile app designed to revolutionize the healthcare ecosystem. The company’s stated mission is to transform the healthcare sector, enhancing safety and accessibility through technological advancements.

Avey is dedicated to empowering users with a personalized health journey, enabling them to: (1) swiftly self-diagnose using the world’s most accurate AI diagnostic algorithm, (2) seamlessly connect with suitable doctors, whether in person or virtually, (3) effortlessly order medicines and more, and (4) engage with a community of health-conscious individuals.

Evergreen Organics

Evergreen Organics stands as Qatar’s inaugural 100% vegan coffee establishment. Recognized as a sophisticated culinary destination, this café caters to those embracing a healthy diet. Beyond offering delectable vegan options, Evergreen Organics provides a selection of gluten-free choices for diners. Whether you opt for home delivery or prefer a take-away, Evergreen Organics ensures all options are accessible.

In fact, crafting a health-conscious diet plan has never been more straightforward. The café’s comprehensive six-day meal plans, tailored for specific purposes, offer travelers a hassle-free solution to meet their nutritional needs. Evergreen’s menu is thoughtfully curated to accommodate various lifestyles and dietary preferences, with meticulous attention to nutritional information and allergens, all computed and labeled by the in-house nutritionist.


Classtap stands as a prominent fitness technology company, linking fitness enthusiasts with premier studios, gyms, and wellness providers. Within their platform, users can explore a diverse array of fitness experiences, ranging from yoga and HIIT workouts to cycling and meditation—all conveniently housed in one place.

Their mission is to revolutionize the accessibility of fitness and wellness experiences.

Urban Point

Urban Point is an expanding mobile marketplace that fosters connections between discerning consumers and quality businesses in Qatar, all while championing enticing value offers. Positioned as a marketplace for inspiration, Urban Point strives to be the go-to hub for all local commerce needs. Functioning as an incentives provider, the app not only serves as a lifestyle guide but also facilitates savings on daily experiences for customers. Simultaneously, it provides a data-driven avenue for merchants to engage and retain new customers, boost revenue, and connect with a multitude of customers daily.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Urban Point has joined forces with Ooredoo to create an innovative platform that mutually benefits both customers and businesses. What initially began as a simple yet powerful idea during an MBA project has catapulted the co-founders into the international spotlight, garnering recognition for their visionary approach.

An article published by the Harvard Business Review in early 2019 showed that Qatar is in the process of building a Silicon Valley of its own. Businesses from all over the world are leveraging the opportunity to set up tech start-ups in the country. 

As you have seen, these are some successful startups that are leading the Qatari business landscape in 2023. They demonstrate Qatar’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative capacity in various sectors, each with a different approach and proposing disruptive solutions.

Companies like these drive the country’s economy and generate a positive impact in their respective industries. Do you want your startup to be among one of these? At Encircle Business Solutions we can help you with advice related to the financial scope of your startup. Contact our team to manage your inquiry.

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